2016 CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition Highlights Outstanding Research

Four finalists presented on an area of their research.
photo of finalists Enlarge
L-R: Catherine Finegan-Dollak, Yuqing Kong, Prof. John Laird, Diane Kakihara (Northrop Grumman), Yu-Chih Tung, Shaizeen Aga, Sang Won Lee

CSE held its thirteenth annual CSE Graduate Student Honors Competition on November 9, 2016. The competition is the culmination of a process that narrows a field of entrants to a handful of finalists, each of whom give a summary presentation on an area of their research. CSE faculty and an industry sponsor from Northrop Grumman rank the finalists’ presentations.

Our congratulations to our five finalists who presented this year! Following are details on their presentations:

photo of winner Enlarge
Prof. Reetuparna Das (L) with Shaizeen Aga. Shaizeen's was selected as the top presentation by the judges.

Shaizeen Aga
“Compute Caches”

Catherine Finegan-Dollak
Artificial Intelligence
“Effects of Creativity and Cluster Tightness on Short Text Clustering Performance”

Yuqing Kong
Theory of Computation
“Designing Information Elicitation Mechanisms That Reward Truth-telling”

Sang Won Lee
Interactive Systems
“Facilitating Collaborative Creation of Complex Artifacts”

Yu-Chih Tung
Software Systems
“Expansion of Human–Phone Interface by Sensing Structure-Borne Sound Propagation”