CS Students form Mobile App Development Company

Mueller and Oztalay Enlarge
Mueller and Oztalay

Computer Science undergrads Austin Mueller and Ben Oztalay have formed Tabus Nine Computing, a company that creates Android applications. The company has published two Android apps that are for sale on the Android Market through Google Play.

The Game of Life Live Wallpaper features a grid of squares, each square being a cell in Conway’s Game of Life. The cells fade in and out as they live and die based on the number of neighbors they have. The Game of Life Live Wallpaper is elegant, colorful, and fully configurable.

Modulus is a mental math puzzle game, designed to challenge your brain. In each puzzle, you need to match your starting number with a target number, which you do with six buttons that perform math operations on your number. With three difficulty levels and two game modes, you’ll keep your brain busy.

Mueller and Oztalay have interests that include artificial intelligence. They plan for Tabus Nine to introduce PixelFun, and evolutionary artificial intelligence simulation, in the near future.