CSE welcomes new faculty who will join beginning academic year 2022/23

Meet the new arrivals.

With continued strength in hiring, Michigan continues to expand and strengthen its scope of research and teaching activities. From work in machine-learning for improving accessibility to data science for wildlife conservation, these individuals will help to define what it means to be a computer scientist.

Wei Hu

Wei Hu, Fall 2022

Assistant Professor
PhD, Computer Science, 2021
Princeton University

Wei Hu was hired into CSE in 2021 and completed an appointment as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley before coming to campus at Michigan this fall. He is broadly interested in the theoretical and scientific foundations of modern machine learning, especially deep learning. He aims to obtain a solid, rigorous and practically relevant theoretical understanding of machine learning pipelines, as well as to develop principles to make them more reliable and efficient. He is a recipient of the Siebel Scholarship Class of 2021.

George Tzimpragos

George Tzimpragos, Fall 2022

Assistant Professor
PhD, Computer Science, 2022
University of California, Santa Barbara

George Tzimpragos does research mainly within the field of computer architecture using a bottom-up approach that aims for cross-stack solutions that bridge circuits, computation logic, microarchitecture, and programming languages. Inspired by the goals to improve the performance of transistors, novel devices and turnaround times, Tzimpragos also participates in the Midwest Quantum Collaboratory and the IEEE IRDS committee on Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing.

Stella Yu

Stella Yu, Fall 2022

PhD, Robotics, 2003
Carnegie Mellon University

Stella Yu’s research focuses on understanding visual perception from multiple perspectives as well as using computer vision and machine learning to automate and exceed human expertise in practical applications. In her work, Yu approaches visual perception as not only a computational problem but also a solution for large-scale data mining and pattern recognition applications. Yu comes to CSE from UC Berkeley where she was the International Computer Science Institute Vision Group Director and a Berkeley Institute for Data Science Senior Fellow. Prior to that, Yu explored the connections between art and vision as a Clare Booth Luce Professor at Boston College.

Dhruv Jain

Dhruv Jain, Fall 2022

Assistant Professor
PhD, Computer Science and Engineering, 2022
University of Washington

Dhruv Jain’s research intersects human-computer interaction and applied machine learning, and focuses on inventing novel sound sensing and feedback techniques to support accessibility applications. He pioneered the use of autoethnography in computing research using his personal experience as a hard of hearing individual and has had his low-cost indoor navigation system for visually impaired users, Roshni, featured in the National Science Museum. His research has been published in HCI venues including CHI, UIST, DIS, and ASSETS, and received a Microsoft Dissertation Grant and Google-CMD-IT LEAP Alliance Fellowship. Jain will join CSE as an assistant professor in Fall 2022.

Ryan Huang

Ryan Huang, Winter 2023

Associate Professor
PhD, Computer Science, 2016
University of California, San Diego

Ryan Huang broadly covers systems including OS and distributed systems, with a specific focus in building reliable, efficient, and defensible systems from large-scale data centers to small mobile devices. In addition to these areas, Huang has recently pushed for higher availability and observability of next-generation cloud systems and conducted research on energy-efficient systems and preventing system misconfigurations. Huang joins CSE from his previous postion as an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to that, he addressed real-world system challenges at Microsoft Azure. Huang will join CSE as an associate professor in Winter 2023.

Saquib Razak

Saquib Razak, Winter 2023

Lecturer III
PhD, Computer Science, 2009
State University of New York, Binghamton

Saquib Razak seeks to equip students with the problem-solving skills needed to ensure a successful future in their field of choice by improving the quality and accessibility of introductory programming courses. Beyond education development, Razak pursues research in embedded systems, internet of things, and sensor networks. Razak comes to CSE from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar where he was an Associate Teaching Professor. Razak will join CSE as a teaching faculty member in Winter 2023.

Elizabeth Bondi-Kelly

Elizabeth Bondi-Kelly, Fall 2023

Assistant Professor
PhD, Computer Science, 2022
Harvard University

Elizabeth Bondi-Kelly is focusing her research on artificial intelligence for social impact, particularly spanning the fields of multi-agent systems and data science. Her work, which has been published in venues such as AAAI, AAMAS, AIES, and IJCAI, has applications in conservation and public health, and has been deployed to support conservation efforts. She also founded and currently leads Try AI, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the field of AI through community-building educational programs, largely focused on AI for social impact. Bondi-Kelly is currently a postdoctoral fellow at MIT through the CSAIL METEOR Fellowship and will join CSE as an assistant professor in Fall 2023.

Lin Ma

Lin Ma, Fall 2023

Assistant Professor
PhD, Computer Science, 2021
Carnegie Mellon University

Lin Ma’s research focuses on the intersection of database management systems and machine learning, especially using machine learning techniques to automate database administration and remove human obstacles. Ma is a lead developer of the NoisePage self-driving database system, and he has given talks on database management and machine learning at Google, Microsoft Research, IBM Research, and Facebook. Ma currently works on addressing challenges in the Lakehouse data platform at Databrinks, Inc. and will join CSE as an assistant professor in Fall 2023.